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Diagnostics, also known as In Vitro Diagnostics, covers the entirety of analyses performed in the laboratory, including blood tests and urinalysis, to diagnose disease. In other words, all laboratory studies that a physician needs to make a diagnosis constitute diagnostics, which plays an essential role in helping to make an accurate diagnosis and deliver the right treatment.

Roche focuses on doing now what patients need next by supporting physicians and patients in making the right decision at the right time, facilitating the treatment process and preventing worsening – and in some cases even the onset – of a condition.

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Roche offers diagnostic solutions in the following areas:

Roche is committed to contributing to female health in every stage of life and giving confidence in healthcare providers. Roche’s innovative solutions in gynecology help physicians make reliable diagnoses and, consequently, deliver the right treatment. Roche offers reliable diagnostic solutions to healthcare providers across the board, including in cervical cancer screening, fertility and prenatal tests, antenatal care, breast and ovarian cancer and bone health.

The rising incidence of cardiovascular diseases, a key health concern around the world, and high cost of care highlight the need for a global approach in preventing progression, early diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of disease. Used in conjunction with clinical information, cardiac biomarkers serve a crucial role in making a rapid and reliable diagnosis in acute cases where every minute counts. Roche offers a robust portfolio in cardiology, including diagnostic solutions for heart failure, acute coronary syndrome and atrial fibrillation.

Infectious diseases, caused by viral or bacterial pathogens, are the main cause of most illnesses around the world, and represent a growing medical need in healthcare. Roche’s focus in this particular field is on discovering, investigating and developing new anti-infective agents that target both the pathogen, and the host’s immune system. Roche’s research in the field of infectious disease prioritizes rapid detection of pathogens that cause viral hepatitis, venereal infections, respiratory tract infections such as TORCH, COVID-19 or influenza, and sepsis. Additionally, Roche’s Infectious Disease screening tests are widely used in Türkiye and around the world to ensure reliability of blood supply.

Early and accurate diagnosis improves survivability for millions of patients who live with cancer. The stronger the link between diagnosis and treatment, the more successful healthcare can be.

Roche develops tissue-based diagnostic solutions for patients worldwide, and offers a powerful combination of tissue staining systems, medical value parameters and digital integrated workflows. Roche also believes that automated scoring algorithms, which significantly speed-up microscopic evaluations for pathologists, will play a crucial role in the diagnostic process, and focuses on this area.

The studies predict that the incidence of cancer, which is second only to cardiovascular disease among other known causes of death, will increase by more than 60% by 2040 in Türkiye and all around the world. Thanks to the advances in digital technologies and clinical research, we now have a better understanding of the biology of cancer, which drives more innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions in this field.

Improving targeted treatment capabilities for cancer, and developing the most rapid and reliable diagnostic solutions to facilitate it, are top priorities for Roche. We continue working to help improve access to advanced medical solutions for cancer patients in every stage of the patient journey.

Diabetes is a chronic and progressive disease characterized by elevated blood glucose levels, caused by a deficiency or ineffectiveness of the hormone insulin. Accurate monitoring of blood sugar is very important in individuals with diabetes.

Roche Diabetes Care is committed to improving convenience for diabetic patients by facilitating their daily diabetes routines. Accordingly, Roche’s product portfolio reflects Roche’s diligent approach to patient-oriented research to simplify diabetes treatment.

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