For more than 125 years, we have been providing sustainable contribution to society by bringing business and science together.

As the world’s largest biotechnology and a leading In Vitro Diagnostics company, we are working towards the long-term benefits of society to improve lives today and tomorrow.

We consider the society, environment and economy to be the three integral constituents of sustainability, and understand that environmental and social responsibilities are indispensable for success, which include:

• being mindful of our responsibilities in our operations, and observing the principles of corporate governance,

• creating high-quality jobs,

• facilitating rapid access to Roche products, 

• valuing our employees and safeguarding their rights, 

• upholding our environmental responsibilities in our operations, and

• supporting societal projects and promoting innovation in science.

We are committed to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 

In September 2015, the General Assembly of the United Nations unanimously adopted “17 Sustainable Development Goals” as part of the “2030 Sustainable Development Agenda” to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and drive prosperity for all. The agreement represented an important milestone for advancing to the next phase of sustainable development with numerous stakeholders. 

In alignment with our own strategy, Roche is committed to supporting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals which aim for better health and prosperity for all. 

Our main goals are to use natural resources consciously and economically, to ensure that resources are given the opportunity to be recycled and renewed, to produce zero waste with clean technologies, and to be instrumental in the continuity of sustainable development.

Sustainability Report 2017 - Türkiye

Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to being a preferred company within the scope of our corporate strategy, we aim to provide a happy working environment and to be a company that attaches importance to the environment and social social responsibility.

The reflections of our social responsibility approach are not limited to the field of healthcare; we also carry out high quality and pioneering works with our services in the fields of infrastructure, environment and education. We will continue to improve the quality of life with our global understanding and local creative solutions.

Healthy Future with Education

In November 2020, Roche Türkiye and Turkish Education Foundation (TED) joined forces to launch the project “Healthy Future with Education” to improve health awareness of youths, reaching out to 1,159 students and 435 parents providing education in 23 topics to help raise health awareness of youths and their families. Surveys were conducted at the end of every period to determine the social impact achieved with the project. The survey results confirmed that the project helped improve health awareness of students and parents. 

Click here to watch a video on the second-period deliverables of the project.

Roche Children's Walk

The “Roche Children’s Walk” was launched in 2003 globally to help children who have been deprived of basic social rights and to help bring a brighter future for them. All Roche employees participate in the donation campaign, including Roche Türkiye.

Let the Sea Brim with Life

In cooperation with Roche Pharmaceuticals Türkiye and the Islands Life at Sea and Sports Club Association (Adalar Denizle Yaşam ve Spor Kulübü - ADYSK), the “Let the Sea Brim with Life” project was implemented in order to contribute to the goal of a better world. Within the scope of the "Let the Sea Brim with Life" project, which continued between 2018-2021, it was aimed to clean the ghost nets that pose a serious threat to the marine habitat for the sustainability of the diversity of life in the Marmara Sea, and to protect the sea corals, one of the most important parts of this ecosystem, by moving them to new habitats.

Case Video

Social Awareness Projects

We are guided by our vision of “doing now what patients need next”, and working to improve healthcare standards for patients and their loved ones for more than 125 years. The basis of our vision is to bring better outcomes, faster to more patients. 

And to achieve that, we also focus on our impact throughout the patient’s journey, besides our diagnostic and therapeutic solutions, and launch various awareness and educational projects and websites that provide reliable information. 

Yaşam İçin

Theplatform, which responds to many questions about cancer, was launched by Roche Türkiye in order to provide reliable information to patients and their relatives in the field of oncology, and to provide the support they need from the symptoms to the treatment process.

Turkey's leading associations in the fight against cancer such as Metamazon, Onkoday, Hope and Life Association, Turkish Cancer Society and Dancing with Cancer Association,  gave unconditional support to the realization of the Yaşam İçin platform.

Yaşam İçin platform provides information on cancer-causing factors, symptoms, cancer diagnosis, precautions to be taken, screening methods, treatment approaches, nutritional advice, psychological support, especially lung, breast, colon and blood cancers.

The MS Platform

Thecreated by Roche Pharmaceuticals Türkiye in collaboration with Turkish MS Society, Black Sea Region MS Society, İzmir MS Society and Adana MS Society, focuses on unmet needs of MS patients in Türkiye. The platform, which addresses the misconceptions about MS disease, offers uptodate content that patients and their relatives can follow on a regular basis.

Birlikte Mümkün

The projectcreated by Roche Pharmaceuticals Türkiye in collaboration with SMA Walk with Me, Turkish SMA Foundation, Turkish Muscular Disease Society (KASDER) and the Federation of Family Practice Societies, highlights the fact that combating SMA is possible through innovative solutions devised by NGOs, universities, physicians and the industry, working together.

İPF Nedir

In order to raise awareness about Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) and to provide access to reliable information about the disease, the website,was launched in 2020.

Hem de Nasıl

The platformcreated in collaboration with Turkish Society of Hemophilia and the Federation of Hemophilia Societies, provides reliable information on living with hemophilia, hemophilia and genetics, hemophilia in schools, treatment approaches in hemophilia, and being a hemophilia parent, and other topics of interest.

Hayat Benim Elimde

The websitewas launched to provide reliable medical information to patients those affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and their relatives, enabling them to take a more effective role in combating and managing the disease.

Merakına Yenilsin

Under the leadership of Roche Türkiye, a social responsibility project was implemented with the slogan "Meme Kanseri Merakına Yenilsin/Beat Breast Cancer with Curiosity" in order to support patients and their relatives who are trying to create a 'new normal' for themselves in life with breast cancer. More than 2,000 people were reached with physicians who were experts in their fields, and questions about breast cancer were answered.

Please follow the Merakına Yenilsin social media accounts to learn current and reliable information about breast cancer, from diagnosis to treatment from specialist physicians, and to listen to the experiences of those living with breast cancer.


Digital Applications


End-to-end digital disease management and telehealth application MS+ was developed in cooperation with Albert Health and MS Society of Turkey and was sponsored by Roche Turkey. This pioneering and innovative application aims to follow-up patient data and to improve the management of the disease by sharing the data with physicians with patient consent.

Please visit the link to download the app;


With the end-to-end digital disease management and telehealth application onKOlay, developed with the sponsorship of Roche Türkiye, in cooperation with the Turkish Cancer Society and digital health initiative Albert Health, it is aimed to facilitate the lives of cancer patients in their fight against cancer. In addition, with the application, patients can benefit from up-to-date information on physical exercise, psychology and nutrition, set up medication reminders, follow information such as daily water consumption, blood pressure, heart rate and body mass index, access videos of expert opinions about life with cancer and informative materials on patient rights. In case of need, free remote calls can be made with psychologists and nutritionists within a certain quota.

Please visit the link to download the app;


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