We emphasize transparent dialogue, taking responsibility with courage, and encouraging a high degree of empowerment in decision-making principles and processes. We encourage diversity with our organizational structure built on innovation, autonomous research and development centers, and agreements with more than 200 external partners.


In order to make a difference for patients, we operate with employees who are committed to their jobs with integrity, courage, and passion, and we also encourage diversity of ideas and different approaches with an inclusive approach.


In this context, our employees can take pride in  “We are Roche” saying. 

Integrity: We are always transparent, honest, ethical, and sincere.
Courage: Thanks to our entrepreneurship, we do not hesitate to take risks, cross our limits, and live different experiences.
Passion: We use our strength and commitment to mobilize, unite, and inspire others.


Declaration of Purpose

While developing innovations for the future, we believe in the need to offer medical solutions to people in the fastest way possible. We are committed to making a difference in patients' lives. We make bold decisions and realize them. We believe that doing a good job leads to a better world. For this reason, we work hard every day. We are dedicated to ensuring scientific rigor, absolute ethics, and access to medical innovations for all. We aim to establish a better tomorrow with what we do today. We are proud of what we do and how we do business. Under the roof of our companies, we are many people working with one heart around the world.

We are Roche.