In addition to being a pioneer of scientific progress, Roche Turkey also assumes a leading role in redefining ways of working. As of 2019, it has moved to an agile organization consisting of fully authorized, self-managing teams that will allow us to reach our patients faster.


The agile Roche organizational structure is as follows.

  • Licensing & Market Access and Health Policies Chapter
  • Business and Agility Chapter
  • Finance & Information Technologies Chapter
  • Human Resources Chapter
  • Legal & Compliance and Internal Audit Chapter
  • Marketing Chapter
  • Medical Chapter
  • Sales Force Chapter


Roche Turkey operates with approximately 330 employees.

For more detailed information, see the section titled Our Employees in the Roche Turkey 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report.



Roche Diagnostics Turkey organizational structure consists of the following functions:


  • Centralized & Point of Care Diagnostic Solutions Sales Chapter
  • Molecular Solutions Sales Chapter
  • Marketing Chapter
  • Central Asian and Caucasian Countries
  • After-Sales Support Chapter
  • Health Solutions Development Chapter
  • Diabetes Chapter
  • Finance & Operations & Information Technologies Chapter
  • Human Resources & Communication Chapter
  • Legal & Compliance Chapter


Roche Diagnostics Turkey operates with approximately 320 employees.