Diagnostics, in other words, In Vitro Diagnostics is a field that covers all of the analyzes performed in the laboratory such as blood and urine tests for the diagnosis of a disease. With the most understandable and clear definition, all of the laboratory studies that a doctor requires in order to diagnose the disease are included in the scope of diagnostics. Therefore, diagnostics play a critical role in making the correct diagnosis and providing the right treatment. Roche Diagnostics works today to create solutions to the needs of the future by supporting doctors and patients to make the right decisions at the right time. In this way, the treatment process of diseases is facilitated, and they are prevented from getting worse and sometimes from even starting.


Kadın Sağlığı

Women's Health

Roche Diagnostics is committed to giving confidence to women's health and healthcare providers at every stage of life. Our innovative solutions on women's health allow physicians to offer the right treatment at the right time. Roche Diagnostics is a diagnostic partner that healthcare providers can always rely on with regard to issues such as cervical cancer screening, fertility, prenatal testing, pregnancy care, breast and ovarian cancer diagnosis, and bone health.



Around the world, over 30% of all deaths occur due to cardiovascular diseases. The increased incidence and high maintenance costs of cardiovascular diseases require a global approach to preventing the progression of the disease, its early diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring. When combined with clinical information, cardiac biomarkers are essential to support quick and accurate diagnosis, especially in acute cases where each and every minute counts. Roche Diagnostics, which has a strong portfolio in the field of cardiology, offers diagnostic tests for heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, and atrial fibrillation.


Enfeksiyon Hastalıkları

Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases caused by viral or bacterial pathogens are one of the main causes of death and diseases worldwide and constitute an ever-growing medical need. Roche focuses on the discovery, research and development of new anti-infective agents that target both pathogens and host immune defense. In this regard, we are building an industry-leading technology platform and a rich research heritage. The infectious disease research at Roche focuses on Chronic Hepatitis B Infection, Influenza, and Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria. In addition, Roche's screening tests are also performed for the diagnosis of hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, and TORCH.



Cancer is seen in more than 14 million people worldwide each year, and this number is expected to exceed 21 million in 2030. Strengthening diagnosis improves the chances of survival for millions of people living with cancer. In other words, definitive and personalized diagnoses are of great importance while continuing to fight this deadly disease.

As Roche Diagnostics and an innovator of tissue-based diagnostic solutions for patients worldwide, we offer the anatomic pathology laboratory a powerful combination of tissue staining systems, medical value parameters, and digitally integrated workflow.



R&D studies in the field of oncology aim to provide effective cancer treatments through the discovery and development of new therapeutics that target specific cancer-related molecular pathways.




Diabetes is the increase in blood sugar and the presence of sugar in the urine. Rising blood sugar manifests itself with various symptoms over the years. Diabetes can affect the functioning of various organs and systems over the years when it is not monitored and treated well. Among these, the effect on the capillary system (also called microvascular disorders) and the major vascular system (i.e. macrovascular disorders) is critical.

Our diabetes product portfolio is a contemporary result of Roche's care for patient-focused research to facilitate diabetes treatment. The main purpose of our work is to help you make your life easier. diyabetevi.com For more information, visit.