Our Responsibility

We consider our social responsibilities among our top priorities and aim to create a sustainable impact on society with the social responsibility projects we implement.


Ne yapıyoruz

For more than 60 years, we have been creating social projects and focusing on the unresolved health problems of the future as well as providing solutions for today's needs in Turkey.

Denizler Yaşam Dolsun (Let the Seas Come Alive)

Since 1896, Roche has been working in solidarity with the societies in which it operates to advance the world of science and improve lives, making efforts for a purpose. Roche fully integrates its sense of responsibility into its activities and proceeds with the goal of creating superior value for all its stakeholders. Global sustainability culture is reflected in Roche Pharmaceuticals Turkey's commitment to internalize an ethical, responsible, and long-term value approach.




Roche is a company that has always looked toward responding to unmet needs, advancing the world of science, and improving the industry. In this context, Roche is turning to areas with unmet needs, not only in doing its job but also in its efforts to create social value. For this very reason, the company emphasizes the importance of taking action to ensure the ecological balance by moving corals in the Marmara Sea to new habitats, to remove ghost nets that pose a serious threat to underwater creatures and to create common awareness in this regard.


Roche Pharmaceuticals has implemented the project “Denizler Yaşam Dolsun” (Let the Seas Come Alive) in unconditional support of the Princes' Islands Association for Life with Sea and Sports Club (ADYSK) to leave future generations the ​Marmara Sea preserved with all its richness and value. With this project, Roche aims at removing ghost nets that pose a serious threat to marine habitats, moving sea corals, one of the most important rings of this ecosystem, to new living spaces and protecting them, for the sustainability of the diversity of life in the Marmara Sea.