As the world's largest biotechnological pharmaceutical company and a leader In Vitro Diagnostics, we are working towards the long-term benefits of society to improve lives today and tomorrow.


We consider society, environment, and economy as the 3 integral part of sustainability. With this understanding, we consider environmental and social responsibilities as indispensable for corporate success.

These responsibilities are as follows:

• Acting in consideration of the responsibilities, implementing corporate management responsibilities

• Creating high quality employment

• Providing quick access to Roche products

• Valuing employees and protecting their rights

• Carrying out the activities by respecting environmental responsibilities

• Supporting social projects, promoting innovation in science


We Are Followers of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda

In September 2015, within the scope of the "2030 Sustainable Development Agenda", the United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted the "17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" to end poverty, protect the planet and provide prosperity for all. This agreement has been an important milestone for the next phase of sustainable development, with the participation of many stakeholders.

As Roche, we are committed to supporting 17 SDGs, which aim to provide healthy living and well-being for everyone, in line with their strategy.